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 Cash Payouts on All Transactions

 No Checks, No Cards, No Wait

Testing, Assaying & Smelting

XRF or X-Ray Testing Instantly Identifys all precious metals and thier exact percentage. Nondestructive, Easier, Safer, more accurate than Acid Tests, More Comprehensive than Fire Assay, Exclusive Plating Alert detection technology. Smelting services available onsite for commercial customers, with same day pay-out!

Gold & Silver, Coin & Bullion

Barn Gold LLC specializes in buying, selling and appraising all manner of Rare Coins, Gold and Silver Bullion. We take pride in the quality and variety as well as the quantity of items inventoried. We Buy - Sell & Trade Bullion in many different forms. Including some Gold in Nugget and Placer form.


All our Jewelry is priced well below what you will find at Retail Jewelers. Every item is handpicked from a Variety of Jewelry we buy on a daily basis. The purity of the precious metal content is confirmed by X-Ray, with a print-out provided for each and every piece of Jewelry sold at no charge.

Antiques & Secondhand Goods

Our inventory comes from our local customers, providing a distinct flavor of the Pacific Northwest, with a diverse cross section of our population's tastes. Window Shoppers are Always Welcome, Prices are Negotiable!
Come on in and look around.

Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive. Cora and I took the

 Money Jar and Card and went up to OSO. We met with Mike
Blankenship the Tresurer of the Fire Deptment and counted
out the money :)

You guys Raised $1,013.00 OSO FD was thankful and wanted
me to tell everyone, thank you, for them ... And thank you
from us here at Barn Gold LLC for showing community support
for the people of OSO.

As professional Precious Metal and gem purchasers we have discerned ourselves through the use of our powerful Olympus XRF X-Ray machine which is designed specifically for the analysis of your Precious Metals. X-Ray testing is non-destructive, non-invasive, and completely harmless to your jewelry!  We guarantee that you will find no other business in our area capable of being able to test your item with better accuracy than our company. Our fully enclosed, low yield X-Ray machine performs a complete analysis of the EXACT elemental content and the percentages contained in each item while creating a live feed readout of all values onscreen ( printout available upon request ), with a live camera feed which ensures complete transparency of results.

This technology allows us to pay far better than our competitors. We are able to pay for the exact percentage of Gold - Silver - Platinum in each item without having to resort to lowball and guess based offers. We pay for all karat values, including what are commonly referred to as the "lost Karats" 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16,17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. Other gold buyers don’t pay for all karat values simply because they can't, since they don’t have access to the same X-Ray analysis data results that we do!

You need X-Ray Technology to determine exact percentage of Gold and other precious materials in an item. So we X-Ray everything and YES we pay for the exact percentage of all precious metals in order to maximize your gain!!! No "Lost Karats" at Barn Gold LLC. The only way to know the True Value of an item is to know exactly what you really have! After we have finished our assay you will be given the opportunity to sell them if you so desire.There is never any obligation or pressure to sell your items. Come in today and let us Assay your items to find out how much they are really worth for free!

Barn Gold LLC is a family owned and operated business, High Tech, Low Stress, High Integrity, Low Mark-up, All Cash.

Gold - Silver
Jewelry - Antiques

If you want to try your hand at the math We Pay Out 70% of NYSE Spot Gold price on our X-Ray results!

Armed Security onsite - Video and Audio Live Feed, Streamed in Real Time to Off Site Back Up
24 Hour - Local Live Monitoring - Provided by Sonitrol Pacific Security

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